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We Like

 to have





...So We made a company out of it

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join us for some fun



 in this videoπŸ‘† 


there was a time when we forgot to have fun...

Moment of Silence πŸ˜’



Hand over heart...😞

Wes went into consulting, and Brad to Deloitte.

We started pursuing "prestigious" careers & high salaries



You see, we're Family πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ & Fun πŸŽ‰ guys, not corporate guys

(Did we mention we have 15 siblings between the two of us?)

 So one day, during a business trip at his hotel room in Seattle, Wes reached deep back into his inner child to create something that truly represents WHO WE ARE!



He made a card game!



and gatwick games was born!

what our journey taught us about the world

πŸ“± We're more "connected" than ever yet experiencing record levels of lonelinessπŸ˜”


πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Our demanding, busy lives have made us the most stressed nation in the world  


πŸ‘Ά Too many of us have forgotten the childlike thrill of playing together.



are magical✨


πŸ“±  They get us off our screens to truly connect 

with people that matter most


πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»  Games get us laughing & provide relief from the stress of life


πŸ₯³  AND... we get to play & have FUN in the process!

we are on a mission to bring back real connection

by rekindling the inner child in

all of us

so why Games?


About us

(part 1 of 2)

From Friends to Business partners

We've been best of friends since our college days. Since then, we've translated that friendship, and our passion for fun, friends & family into an incredible, fast growing game businessπŸ“ˆ

Hi I'm Wes!

Game Master/President

I started 6.. yes 6 businesses that failed before starting Gatwick Games

but i learned from  those failures & now those  lessons are paying off

I also come from a game loving family of

11 kids

and i'm Brad!

Chief Goat Herder/Co-Owner

I built these driving couches

 good for dates to the wendys drivethrough & shark tank applications alike!

i've also started 2 other successful businesses that are still running to this day

fun credentials

Entered my business school presentation sliding on a sled in a Jazz bear suit

(AND got the highest score in the class on our project)

Built my own fly-board in college.

(basically it's a jetpack for your feet) 


Organized massive bonfires & lit them w/ flaming arrows

(Joined by 500-700+ people!)

*Additional credentials available upon requestπŸ˜‰


Our business


our physical product is board and card games


but our real product is laughter, fun, & meaningful connection

2019 Revenue


#workhard #playhard

our Product

We don't just sell games

we sell an experience!


Real, in-person



puns... πŸ˜‰

and so much more!!!

7 games

+6 expansion packs




why we need a shark deal

  1. Inventory: We grew so fast last year we had to reach into our own pockets to finance inventory. We're too big to do that this year.

  2. Retail: Target & other Big Box retailers are extremely difficult to break into for indy game developers. The shark's relationships would be HUGE for us.

  3. Online: Because we have to conserve cash for inventory, our online advertising budget is limited. + Sharks have Amazon placements we don't.


A shark deal would be huge for us. so we're

also very willing to negotiate

Thanks for playing!

redeem your reward below:

We did our best to include the casting producers we thought could be at the casting call. If we didn't make a card for you, message brad@gatwickgames.com & we'll hook you up!

Casting sharks

Since the casting call was cancelled, we couldn't give you your giant game cards in person 😒, so we thought it'd be FUN to make you each your very own digital copy 😊

Feel free to share the link with your fellow casting sharks!