Dungeon Royale

Dungeon Royale


This is an all out Battle Royale to see who will win the victor's spoils and exit with the Stone of Life. And you can tell your mom it's not a video game... - FUNDED on KICKSTARTER in 1 hour & 2 minutes - AMAZINGLY FUN & NOSTALGIC, You move through the dungeon at the same time, you attack each other with magical, powerful, or crude weapons. You try to level up before your opponents and you even DIE and then RESPAWN like a video game. You will steal artifacts and treasures from each other, and of course, at times, you'll run away from the destructive dragon. - ALLOWS FOR 2-5 PLAYERS. ACCOMPLISH QUESTS, pick up weapons, BATTLE heroes. ENJOY the 2 Phase GAME. - FUN and RETRO look GUARANTEED to look good on the shelf or on the table.


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